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Motorola Broadband Voice Gateway (Vonage)

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Easy-to-use and simple-to-install; the Motorola VT1005 Broadband Voice Gateway support simultaneous telephone and data usage, so you can make telephone calls over your broadband Internet connection. The VT1005 is ideal for users that want to economically add telephony services and essential routing capabilities.

The Motorola VT1005 Broadband Voice Gateway lets you to use your traditional phone to make calls over your broadband Internet connection. Its powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) encodes and decodes analog voice signals to and from your regular telephone -- making calls over a broadband connection not only delivers a reliable, high quality sound.

The VT1005 prioritizes voice traffic over data and Internet traffic, enabling the consumer to benefit from high-quality voice services, while avoiding the cost and complexity of buying standalone routers, hubs, and wireless access points. The VT1005 may also help you take advantage of cost-effective bundled features like flat rate long distance, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, online voice mail, and message waiting indicator, to name a few. It also integrates seamlessly into any home network. Don't have a home network? Don't worry: the VT1005 also acts as a router, so you can talk on the phone and surf the Internet at the same time!
  • Delivers high-quality broadband telephone service
  • Allows you to surf the Net and talk on the phone at the same time (Voice traffic is prioritized over Internet traffic, for crystal-clear calls, even while you're online.)
  • Works with Cable or DSL modems
  • Works with touchtone phones: corded and cordless
  • Supports up to two telephone lines.
  • Supports Fax and Dial-up modems
  • Can be used as a router
  • Can be easily implemented into your existing home network
  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-use
  • Support a variety of calling features: caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, three-way calling, and so much more
  • Portable - plugs into any broadband connection
  • Compact, low profile design
  • Easy Web-based configuration
  • Two 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports for WAN and LAN interface
  • Two RJ-11 telephony ports
  • Voice over data prioritization - ensures high-quality telephone service
  • Routing with Network Address Port Translation (NAPT)
  • Works with Cable or DSL modems
  • PPPoE support for DSL connectivity
  • Supports VPN pass-through
  • Supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for managing call signaling
  • Support for G.711 and low-rate vocoders