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  • Spectrum Electronic Solutions HD & Analog Component Video Upconversion.
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Spectrum Electronic Solutions

Spectrum Electronic Solutions HD & Analog Component Video Upconversion

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The DVC311 is easy to use, easy to install and automatically seeks and finds the highest quality video format available, thus ensuring the best quality picture possible. Compatible with AV receivers and processors, the DVC311 flawlessly and automatically converts Composite and S-Video signals to Component Video YPrPb. The automatic input selection means no more switching between source inputs on the video display. A component video pass through is set up as an additional input selection for the highest video formats. The signal integrity is maintained by offering a complete DC coupled design. With no coupling components, the frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio is maximized to the highest level.

Simply connect the Composite Video, S-Video and/or Component Video outputs from your existing receiver/preamp to the corresponding inputs on the DVC311 and then connect one cable from the Component Video output on the DVC311 to your display device. Power up with the (included) 12 volt power supply and the DVC311 will seamlessly “upconvert” all signals to component level, eliminating the need to run multiple cables.

  • Automatically selects the inputs
  • Composite S-Video and Component signal compatibility
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM signal compatibility
  • HDTV signal compatibility when using the Component input
  • Total Digitally Designed Architecture
  • Direct Coupled Input Design to output for the widest bandwidth
  • Time Corrected Sync ensures accurate color alignment
  • Digital Active Comb Filters reduces any cross-color modulation
  • Fully Automatic Equalization Up to 40dB at 825MHz (1.65Gbps)