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  • AT&T K65A Hearing Amplification Handset - White.
  • AT&T K65A Hearing Amplification Handset - White.
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AT&T K65A Hearing Amplification Handset - White

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Works with most AT&T Electronic Telephones and Answering Systems
This handset is designed to be used with most AT&T electronic telephones and answering systems that have a K-type handset (square ear and mouthpiece). It will not work with Trimline telephones.
The K65A is compatible with the following AT&T telephone series that have the K-type handset*, Traditional 100/110 Series, Memory Telephone 400/600/700 Series, Answering System 1500 Series, Big Button Plus Series, Videphone 2500 Series
*May be compatible with other AT&T models not listed.

Not Compatible with Non-AT&T Telephones

This handset is not designed to work with non-AT&T telephones.

Increases Incoming Voice

Increases the volume level of the incoming voice up to six times the non-amplified level. Ideal for anyone who has a hearing loss or for use in noisy locations.

Separate Volume Control and Tone Control

Tone Control compensates for the common high frequency loss by increasing the higher frequency sounds (e.g. "s" sounds in words). Separate controls allow you to fine-tune the sound level and clarity of the incoming voice independently for the clearest and most comfortable setting.