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  • Peripheral / PAC Portable Satellite Radio Power Interface.
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Peripheral / PAC

Peripheral / PAC Portable Satellite Radio Power Interface

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Peripheral once again expands OEM integration with the introduction of a solution for the most popular portable satellite radio receivers. TheSATX56 is a plug-and-play interface that feeds the audio from a portable satellite receiver directly into a factory head unit without the use of a noisy RF modulator. It also provides power to the satellite receiver, so an awkward cigarette lighter adaptor is no longer necessary. It must be used in conjunction with the Aux2Car (PXDX) and Audio2car (PXDXKI & PXDXKD) interface (Sold Separately). Comes with two connection cables. One for 5v, 3mm connection and one for 6v 4mm connection.
  • SATX56 provides a +5 or +6-Volt supply to many portable XM or Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners. (i.e. MyFi Roady XT, Pioneer – AirWare, Roady and Roady 2- Delphi SkyFi, SkyFi2, Audiovox XR9ACT, Sirius XTR-1).
  • The SATX56 us the perfect companion to Peripherals Aux2Car (PXDX). When combined, you can listen to a Satellite Radio directly on the factory radio via the AUX2CAR and power the select Satellite Radio tuner with 5 or 6V from the SATx56.
  • Comes with two connection cables. One for 5-Volt, 3 mm connection and one for 6-Volt 4 mm connection.
  • With the SATX56 + PXDX installed, you can connect any of the aforementioned XM/Sirius radio devices to the radio for optimum sound quality.
  • The built-in 5-Volt & 6-Volt power supply powers the XM/Sirius directly, eliminating the need to use an external cigarette lighter adapter, which is the current method of powering these systems.
Package Contents
  • SATX56 interface x 1
  • 6-Volt power supply cable with 4mm and DC and 3.5mm audio jack (5 ft.) x1
  • 5-Volt power supply cable with 3mm DC and 3.5mm audio jack (5 ft.) x1
  • 8-pin DIN to 8-pin Molex connector x 1
  • Installation and instruction manual.