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Truss Miracle Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair

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  • Daily Anti Aging Conditioner; The Bio Affinity Complex Defends Hair Against UV Rays Wind And Other Elements That Can Damage Fragile Hair And Cause Breakage; This Product Is For Daily Protection On All Hair Types And Textures
  • Repair Chemical Damage; Amino Acids Target Damaged Cuticles And Repair The Outer Layer Of Hair Enhancing Shine And Sealing In Nutrients; Repair Sun Damage Or Hair Treated With Color Or Bleach And Maintain A Healthy Moisture Balance Leaving Hair Soft
  • Adds Intense Shine And Humidity Blocking; Seals And Repairs The Cuticle; Shine Is Intensified; Keeps Hair Manageable And Healthy While Protecting You From Humidity That Can Make Hair Appear Frizzy Or Unhealthy; Use Daily For Best Results
  • Anti Frizz And Detangling Conditioner; Gives Hair Added Slip And Detangles Hair Without Breakage; No Stress Or Pulling That Causes Breakage In Fragile Or Damaged Hair; Reduces Frizz And Split Ends From Chemical Damage
  • Protect And Enhance Color Treated Hair; Revive Dull And Worn Color By Sealing The Cuticle And Making Hair Soft With Body; Condition Color Treated Bleached Or Highlighted Hair Without Stripping Or Removing Color; Added Proteins Help Lock Color In Hair