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  • Peripheral / PAC Universal Trigger Module.
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Peripheral / PAC

Peripheral / PAC Universal Trigger Module

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Combines several triggering functions in 1 package, providing a solution for a multitude of problems. Accurate digital timing without the use of separate meters. Independent of trigger voltage levels for maximum accuracy. Program switch & indicator light ensures easy installation. Supplies up to 2 amps of current for use with power antennas. Programmable delays of up to 4 min & 15 sec before turning on or off. Great when adding a subwoofer & amplifier to a factory system. Perfect when installing a video system in a boat or RV, where there is no foot or parking brake available for safety interlock. Great for things like motorized amp racks & other custom features. Useful if users need two outputs & their alarm only has one. Eliminates loud & annoying alarm chirps.
  • Remote turn-on with adjustable timing
  • Turns on with trigger voltages as low as 0.8VDC
  • Accurate digital timing delay that is installer adjustable
  • Provides many additional on/off pulse modulation and other features
  • Tolerates up to 2 amps of current