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  • Mobile Crossing Bluetooth GPS Receiver - Special Edition.
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Mobile Crossing

Mobile Crossing Bluetooth GPS Receiver - Special Edition

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The Mobile Crossing Bluetooth GPS was developed with care and all the attention to detail you would expect from a company of GPS enthusiasts. Our design is based on the SiRF Star II/LP chipset, the best chipset available on the market today and a mark of quality all the way through. Transform a Pocket PC PDA into a World Class Road Navigation Device with this package.
  • AC Adapter:  Mobile Crossing GPS receiver comes sealed in a specially designed box fitted with special hard-white protective foam that has been form fitted to our exact requirements. Nobody else is using this foam which is designed specifically to meet our requirements for protecting the product in transit. The foam is exactingly fitted inside a box and sealed. Additionally, we then double box by placing this box inside of a thick-walled outer box. In the majority of cases, your Bluetooth GPS will arrive inside of a third box to further protect the goods. Does this mean our GPS is fragile? Absolutely not! We do recommend using the included Velcro to prevent the unit from flying into a passenger or into a window during spirited driving.
  • Mini CD ROM:  We've included an electronic copy of the manual, drivers for your laptop, and a few other neat software toys we hope you'll like.
  • DC Adapter:  Many of the Bluetooth GPS units on the market include one or the other adapter for charging the unit. Having both chargers in the box means none of the hassle of having to buy a so-called "optional" accessory.  Additionally, we at Mobile Crossing do not plan to nickle and dime you on "accessories" that should have been in the box in the first place.
  • Automotive-grade Velcro mounting strips We've tested several brands of Velcro out of Asia.  Unfortunately, what we've found is the so-called "Velcro" from Asia that is supposed to stand up to hot summer temperatures in fact melted all over the dash of our tech support guys new car. We were left with an unbelievable amount of Velcro that melts. Rather than include this Velcro, we continued to experiment with various grades of Velcro. Eventually, we ended up footing the cost for the Really, Really Good Automotive-Grade Velcro.  The real stuff. It will not melt on your dash. Maybe not everyone will use the Velcro, but we hope that you'll appreciate the Mobile Crossing attention to detail
  • Better Accuracy:  Contains firmware upgrades exclusive to Mobile Crossing, resulting in increased altitude accuracy and wireless reliability.
  • Long Battery Performance: At least 8+ hours of battery life, which is among the best available in the market.
  • High Sensitivity: Delivers highest performance results in electronically noisy environments due to precise copper shielding.
  • Broad Coverage:  Lock onto 12 satellites simultaneously, including WAAS satellites for aircraft precise results.
  • NMEA Compatible: Fully compatible with any commercial GPS software.
  • Driving
    • Car charger and Velcro-mount included!
    • Designed for dashboard use
    • Fast reliable location updates
  • Outdoors
    • Accurate Altitude
    • Lightweight
    • No messy wires
    • Long Battery Life
  • Aviation
    • True Ground Speed
    • Accurate Altitude
    • Good to 1000 knots
  • Marine:
    • True Velocity in Knots
    • True Ground Speed
    • NMEA 2.2
  • Bluetooth 1.1 Class 2:  33 Feet Range
  • Operation Time:  At least 8+ hours on a full charge
  • Channels:  12 Parallel Channels - Capable of locking onto up to 12 GPS Satellites simultaneously!
  • Maximum Altitude:  60,000 ft.
  • Maximum Acceleration: 4g
  • Speed Limit: 1152 mph
  • Position Accuracy: <50 ft 2D RMS with open sky view, and <16 feet 2D RMS with WAAS 95% of the time
  • No Subscription Fee
  • Wireless Operation using Bluetooth (Serial Profile)
  • Long lasting 8 hour battery
  • Highly sensitive 12 satellite antenna
  • SiRF Star II/LP High Performance Low Power Chipset
  • Battery Status and Charging Light
  • GPS Satellite Status Light
  • Bluetooth Wireless Activity Light
  • Charging / External Power Port . Power Switch
  • Compatible with a very wide range of Bluetooth