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  • Audiovox iPod and iPhone Car G2 Cradle Integration Kit.
  • Audiovox iPod and iPhone Car G2 Cradle Integration Kit.
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Audiovox iPod and iPhone Car G2 Cradle Integration Kit

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The G2 Cradle is designed with features that enhance the in-car experience of popular iPod® and iPhone® models. It holds your iPod® or iPhone® while connected to your car integration kit, rear-seat entertainment system or cigarette lighter charger.With AMPS and iGrip patterned mounting holes, the mounting possibilities are nearly endless so we leave the decision to you. Audiovox' recommends KUDA (TM), ProClip (TM), and iGrip mounting solutions. The included short and long mounting bases give you access to larger connectors sometimes found on car integration kits.
  • Securely holds your iPod® or iPhone®:  Your iPod®/iPhone® shouldn't bounce around in the glove box! Wouldn't it be great if you could easily view caller ID on your iPhone®? Designed with the in-car environment in mind, the G2 Cradle safely holds iPod® and iPhone® models in plain sight.  Whether it's your Mercedes' factory iPod® kit, the MediaBridge kit , or even just a simple charger, you can connect it to the G2 Cradle! 
  • Compliments your car's interior:  No neon lights. A simple no-fuss design with clean lines is all you get. 
  • Adjustable ball mount, compact dimensions:  Rotate it, tilt it, angle it. Anyway you want it, the G2 cradle will adjust to your viewing angle. The compact dimensions won't obstruct your space or your view. When your not using it, you will hardly notice its there. 
  • Six, easily interchangeable holders:  Included are 7 interchangeable holders to support popular iPod® and iPhone® models. Want to swap your iPod® Classic and plug in your iPhone®?  Slide one holder off and the other one on and you're ready to go!
  • Compatible with MediaBridge
  • Connect any USB based iPod® integration kits
  • A/V output when used with MediaBridge
  • Not compatible with Silverline & regular (non-USB) iPod® integration kits