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  • Dice by Audiovox iPod Interface FM Modulated RDS Display.
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Dice by Audiovox

Dice by Audiovox iPod Interface FM Modulated RDS Display

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The Universal RDS supercharges your factory car radio with features like iPod® and iPhone® connectivity and internet radio. This universal kit connects directly to your car radio's factory antenna loop giving you crystal clear audio without any static or noise EVER. With RDS technology, artist and song names are displayed on your radio and the Universal RDS is ready for the future because you can update its features and device compatibility right from your computer with the FW Update Application. INTERNET RADIO FOR ANY CAR!
  • Available now in the app store for iPhone® and iPod® touch is the Livio Car Internet Radio app. It gives you access to over 45,000 AM/FM and internet-only stations from around the world that you can listen to in your car! Special features were added to the Livio app and are only functional with this kit:
  • RDS capable car radios will display the station/song/artist information.
  • The app remains unlocked so you can use its interface designed for use in the car. Large buttons and horizontal or vertical positioning.
  • Control the app from the optional remote! Quickly access up to 6 preset internet radio stations!
  • This is the ONLY universal kit to offer internet radio!
  • The Universal RDS does one thing and it does it right. It connects your iPod® or iPhone® to your car's factory radio. Nothing to replace, nothing more to add. All you see is a dock cable waiting for an iPod® or iPhone® to be connected and what you hear is amazingly clear audio from a universal integration kit.
  • Radios that support RDS text display (artist and song information from radio stations) will display the song information from the iPod®. With a quick glance, see what artist, song or playlist the iPod® is playing.
  • This is NOT an FM transmitter!The Universal RDS is a hard-wired kit with a completely digital circuit that connects directly to your car radio's antenna loop. When your iPod® is connected, the Universal RDS module automatically blocks signals from your car's factory antenna resulting in static-free and noise-free music from your iPod®. The completely digital audio circuit is resistant to any other interference and insures that your music retains it's quality.
  • With the optional remote you can quickly access a new artist or playlist. You can set your iPod® to shuffle or random modes and skip songs with the press of a button.