Universal Remote Control IR/RF, 433 MHz Remote Control with Color Display

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The new MX-880i IR/RF color remote control from URC features a bright 2” LCD, Narrow Band RF and fast, structured programming. Best of all, it's programmed exactly like URC's category-leading...


The new MX-880i IR/RF color remote control from URC features a bright 2” LCD, Narrow Band RF and fast, structured programming. Best of all, it's programmed exactly like URC's category-leading MX-900 remote. If you can program an MX-900, you already know how to program an MX-880! Your clients encounter color LCDs on their cell phones, GPS units and PDAs every day and they demand color remotes. Step up from an MX-850i or MX-900i to the new MX-880i.
  • Color with Open Architecture Programming:  Color Graphics, But Text Based,
    The 2” (176 x 220) pixel screen is populated with colorful backgrounds and icons automatically. When programming, the installer focuses on text label customization instead of arranging icons. Any button can be dragged and dropped to any position via the power of MX-880 Editor.
  • Fast, Structured Programming:  Instead of reprogramming a similar system, programmers can freely import codes and macros from MX-900 files via Device Import, or simply open an MX-900 file in MX-880 Editor and make modifications to it, then save it as an MX-880 file.  When starting from scratch, MX-880's open architecture enables the installer to start a new project with any template. By following the steps of the Program Menu, the installer quickly creates a finished working setup. Once tested and refined, the installer can freely experiment with any of the Color Graphic themes without affecting the setup. Additionally, companies with their own custom graphics can add them to the visible themes in the Editor by simply
    creating matching and correctly sized artwork in a new folder in the Graphics directory of MX-880 Editor.
  • Powerful Macro Programming:  Macro programming in MX-880 Editor enables the installer to freely create sophisticated status screens in macros, since there is no limit to the number of page jumps inside a macro. With the ability to nest a macro inside another macro, an installer can create a complex routine, label it descriptively and simply alias to it in one step. Variables can be used to track power status, users, rooms, or to create options that change in all macros based on one button press by the user.
  • Narrow Band RF in either 418MHz or 433MHz:  Narrow Band ensures that broad
    band RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) will be ignored. However, RFI can also be site specific and centered on a particular band. For this reason, the MX-880 can be specified in either the standard 418MHz version or the MX-880i 433MHz Narrow Band version. Ensure reliability with the Narrow Band RFX-250 or RFX-250i (433MHz). The RFX-250 is included with both the MRF-350 Routing Base Station and the MSC-400 Master System Controller (specify "i" series for 433 MHz versions).
  • MSC-400 Compatibility:  The MX-880 is compatible with the ultra-reliable MSC-400 "Trigger" protocol, which enables complex macros, stored in the MSC-400, to be individually triggered with a single button push on the MX-880 regardless of the interference and noise in the environment. The combination of very narrow transmission of digitally encoded packets sent THREE times at digital speeds in milliseconds assures that every button press on the remote will be received by the MSC-400. The MSC-400's sophisticated error correction circuitry stores all three packets and compares them. Once two packets are identified as identical, the MSC-400 goes to work. This new technology not only increases range, but increases reliability by a vast margin.
  • Details:
    • LCD Size: 2" Active Matrix color LCD
    • Learning Capabilities: Standard frequencies (15kHz to 460kHz)
    • Memory: 32 Megabits of Flash Memory Total (28 Megabits for User Configuration) (24 Activities on 8 LCD pages for 24 devices for a total of 384 pages)
    • RF Freq: 418 MHz or 433MHz ("i" version)
    • Range: RF - Up to 100 feet when used with MRF-260, MRF-350 or MSC-400 RF Base stations
      IR (line of sight) - Up to 50 feet with fresh batteries.
    • Power Supply: Lithium Ion rechargeable (battery included)
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