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  • Nostalgia Rotary Hollow Chocolate Candy Maker.
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Nostalgia Rotary Hollow Chocolate Candy Maker

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The Nostalgia Electrics HCC360 Hollow Chocolate Candy Maker has everything you need to make beautiful hollow chocolate shapes like a real chocolatier! Just pour melted chocolate in the mold and put it in the Chocolatier Spinner and watch its lights flash and spin a chocolate shape. Use the included filling injector to fill your hollow shapes with liquids or to decorate. Making delightful hollow chocolate candies right at home has never been easier; Simply fill the mold with melted chocolate and the flashing, color-changing lights will illuminate your candy creation!
  • Chocolatier spinner
  • Chocolatier heating pot
  • Spatula & filling injector
  • 25 assorted candy foil wraps
  • 7 decorative chocolate molds