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  • Pioneer STEEZ DUO 4GB Portable Music System with Headphones.
  • Pioneer STEEZ DUO 4GB Portable Music System with Headphones.
  • Pioneer STEEZ DUO 4GB Portable Music System with Headphones.
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Pioneer STEEZ DUO 4GB Portable Music System with Headphones

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Introducing STEEZ -- Pioneer's new line of branded portable music systems and headphones that embraces this emerging dance scene. A first in the industry, STEEZ portable music systems incorporate mobility, durability, style and unique dance tools that make them a “must-have” for any dancer. Lightweight, compact, powerful. From a street corner to an indoor expo, Duo becomes the heartbeat of your group. Part Drill sergeant, part DJ, and always pushing to get your group in sync.

STEEZ portable music players and Pioneer’s MIXTRAX PC software organize a dancer’s music library, allowing access to a host of unique dance features including:
  • Tempo Control: Ideal for practicing choreography, Tempo Control let’s you adjust the tempo of any track without changing pitch.
  • Dance Cue: Practice makes perfect. Set a cue point anywhere in a song to go back to easily and at any time. 
  • 8-Beat Skip: Dancing is all about the beat, more specifically 8-counts. 8-Beat Skip let’s the dancer rewind and fast forward by 8-counts, assuring the beat is never interrupted.
  • Auto Battle Mode: Automatically create group or 1-on-1 battles on the fly, complete with countdown and voice prompts
  • DJ Mix: Eliminates the need for a DJ. DJ Mix automatically puts together non-stop mixes by genre, complete with transition effects between tracks
  • Dance Boost: Perfect for loud environments or when you have to keep the volume down without missing the beat, Dance Boost emphasizes instruments like the hi-hat and bass drum for a more pronounced beat.
  • Remote Control: An ultra-thin and compact remote insures all the control is conveniently in the dancer’s hand. No need to run to and from the player.
Powerful software makes you the DJ 
  • Pioneer’s innovative MIXTRAX software adds another dimension in personalization. Import songs from your music library, change the tempo, add effects, or let MIXTRAX take over. It’s smart playlist capability selects and links similar beats or create a recommended mix by choosing tracks with a similar mood. 
  • Audio Features
    • Full Range Drivers (40 mm x 2)
    • 5 Watts Total Power Output
    • Support for MP3, WMA, AAC, LPCM
  • Performance Features
    • Covered, Rotating Dock for iPod & iPhone
    • 4GB Internal Memory
    • 2.4” LED QVGA Screen
    • 6-AA Batteries or AC Adapter
  • Recommended System Requirements
    • OS Windows XP 32-bit SP2/SP3, Windows Vista 32-bit SP1/SP2, Windows 7 32-bit SP1, and Windows 7 64-bit SP1. Internet Explorer 6 or later