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  • Raynox TW-200 Telephoto & Wide Angle 2-Lens Set for Kodak DC200.
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Raynox TW-200 Telephoto & Wide Angle 2-Lens Set for Kodak DC200

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The model TW-200 consists of one 1.5x Telephoto Lens and a 0.65x Wide Angle lens. Lenses are prcision ground from Hi- Index optical glasses, all surfaces are fully coated for maximum light transmission and optimum color contrast.TW-200- The lenses known as conversion lenses because they change the focal legth of the camera lens to which they are attached. With the 1.5x Telephoto lens attached the central portion of the scene will be enlarged by about 50%, allowing frame-fulling close-up images without having to move closer to your subject. The minimum focus distance will be longer, to about 1m from 0.7m, when the telephoto lens is mounted.When 0.65x Wide-Angle lens is mounted, your picture will include about 50% more of the scene. In addition, increased depth-of-field allows both near and far object6s to be in focus at the same time, and also it allows you to shoot at very short distance to the subject, such as up to 20cm.