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  • Uniden Universal Remote Control In Wall Network Touch Screen.
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Uniden Universal Remote Control In Wall Network Touch Screen

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The KP-4000 is a hard-wired, in-wall IP controller. It's a color touch screen keypad that can control virtually anything on an IP home network: URC's PSX-2 Personal Server, A/V components, energy monitoring devices, HVAC, iPods, and whole house lighting all via pre-programmed modules. Additional modules for IP cameras, security panels and other devices are in the works.

The KP-4000 must be connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN) as the MRX-1 to function correctly.Additionally, in order to enable Internet features such as RSS feeds, the LAN must be connected to the Internet.There are three ways to power the KP-4000. The KP-4000 is a PoE (power over Ethernet) device and can be powered by either a PoE Switch or a PoE Injector. This is advantageous because both power and data are delivered by the same CAT5 cable. The third option is to run an additional two conductor wire to the KP-4000 from a 12V wall adapter with a 1 amp rating. (Note that PoE Injectors are available separately from URC.)
  • Microprocessor: 190MHz RISC
  • Memory: 128MB Flash
  • Devices: Supports up to 255 Devices
  • Pages: Supports up to 255 Pages on each Device
  • Macro Capability: Up to 255 steps
  • Network: One 10/100 Ethernet port (PoE)
  • LCD: 3.5 inch (320x240)
  • Fits: Standard 2-gang box
  • Power: Standard PoE Injector, PoE Switch or 12V DC 1A Adapter (not included)